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My Inspiration

I treasure time spent traveling and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Spending as much time as I can in my studio space is a must as it is filled with inspiration! I am now an empty nester and have recently relocated with my husband to the beautiful Central Coast of California.

My creative imagination is constantly being stimulated by my surroundings; living near the beach and the mountains, with the constant changing light and colors of the landscape hugging the sea.

I passionately adore my family and covet time spent with my awesome grandchildren. When I am not with them you will find me serving in my community or Stand Up Paddling in the bay, biking or hiking. Odds are pretty good you will find me chilling with friends enjoying a glass of wine or an amazing cappuccino.

I love life, I love being creative and never take for granted God's blessings and living by the ocean!

Friends and Family also inspire me!

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My Background

I grew up in Southern California; working in the fashion and entertainment industries. I focused on mixed media and drawing in my early years and fell in love with painting in oil while studying at SACI College of Art & Design in Florence, Italy. I credit living and working abroad as the keystone to broadening my mind and my approach with how I express myself through art.

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